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Zambia Leisure and Sport

The Zambezi River offers some of the most exhilarating and challenging rafting waters in the world. Regular safaris operate between August/September and November. One of the routes on offer starts at the Boiling Pot below Victoria Falls and after passing through spectacular gorges and 10 major rapids ends at Songwe Gorge.

Victoria Fall offers some of the highest and without doubt most spectacular bungee jumps on the world.

Fishing is available in Zambia throughout the year. The best time of the year is, April to November. Every year in February/March a national fishing competition is held at Kasaba Bay, in the Nsumbu National Park, on the southern portion of Lake Tanganyika. This event is attended by anglers from all over the world and both local and foreign teams are welcome to join in. The nile perch and tiger fish are the main catch.

The Zambezi River, is the southern part of Zambia, of the country offers what is considered to be the best tiger fishing grounds in Africa. Other good spots in the country are Lake Kariba and Samfya.

Zambia is an Ornithologists paradise, wit over 740 species recorded to date, over 428 of which can be found in Lochinvar National Park, an area of only 410 sq. kms. The best time of the year for bird viewing is from the months of November to March, during the wet season, when many birds migrate here.

The best birding spots in the country include the Kafue Flats and floodplains of Bangweulu which is home to high concentrations of waterbirds such as storks, herons, cranes, spoonbills, kingfishers, fish eagles, pelicans and plovers. The islands that dot the floodplains are breeding grounds for the rare, exotic Shoebill Stork.

Other notable areas are the Luangwa Valley, Kasanka, the Nyika Plateau and on the edges of the Kafue River.

Biding safaris, with expert guides, are offering by various companies.

Lake Tanganyika and Lake Kariba. amongst others, provide great opportunities for boating, sailing and other watersports such as water skiing and windsurfing.

The best views of Victoria Falls can be had from the air, micro-lightening over the seventh wonder of the world is becoming increasingly popular. Micro-light safaris are also offering over the South Luangwa National Park offer superb aerial views of the Luangwa River and the abundant wildlife in the area.

There is a Championship Golf Course in Lusaka which is on the circuit of the annual PGA Safari Tour. There are two other courses located in the Lusaka area. Golf courses can also be found near Livingstone, at Kasaba Bay, Mufulira, Kitwe, Chingola and Ndola. 

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