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Uganda is located in east-central Africa, situated north and northwest of Lake Victoria. It is a landlocked country bordered by Sudan on the North, Kenya on the east, Tanzania on the South, Rwanda on the southwest and Dem. Rep. The Congo on the northwest.

The greater part of Uganda consists of a plateau about 4,000 ft in height. Along the western border of the Ruwenzori Mountains reaching heights of over 16,000 ft, while on the eastern frontier Mount Elgon rises to 14,178 ft. By contrast, the Western Rift Valley, which runs from north to south through the western half of the country, is as low as 3,000 ft on the floor of Lake Edward and Lake George and 2,000 ft on the flow of Lake Albert. The White Nile River has its source in Lake Victoria.

Uganda has four of Africa’s seven great lakes, including Lake Victoria which is the second largest body of fresh water in the world.

Uganda's poulation is estimated at just above 39 million (2014) made up of many ethnic groups, speaking over 30 different African languages. English and Swahili are the country’s official languages.

Kampala, a dynamic and vibrant city,  is largest and the Capital city of Uganda.

Uganda is often referred to as "The Pearl of Africa", with rolling hills, sparkling crater lakes, abundant wildlife and of course the endangered mountain gorillas combined with a melting pot of fascinating culture.

Uganda appeals to all travellers, whatever your interest; be it Gorillas Trekking, Wildlife Viewing, Forest Primates Trek, Bird Viewing, Mountain Climbing, White Water Rafting, Bungee Jumping, Sport Fishing or Cultural Tours.

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