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The Republic of Guinea, on the west coast of Africa is bordered to the north by Senegal and Mali and on the east by Mali and the Ivory Coast, on the south by Liberia and Sierra Leone, on the west by the Atlantic Ocean and on the northwest by Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea owes its frontiers mainly to the accidents of the late 19th century partition of Africa and has no geographic unity. Much of the country is mountainous and the scenery is of great beauty. Guinea can be divided into four regions, Lower Guinea, the alluvial coastal plain; Middle Guinea, the mountainous region of the Futa Jallon; Upper Guinea, a gently undulating plain with an average elevation of 1,000 ft, savanna country broken by occasional rocky outcrops; and the forested Guinea Highlands, composed of granites, schists, and quartzites, including Mt. Nimba (about 6,000 ft high), the highest point in the country. The Niger River and its important tributary, the Milo have their source in the Guinea Highlands; the Gambia and Senegal rivers in the Futa Jallon.

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