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Ethiopia is situated in the Horn of Africa, North Eastern side of the continent bordering Sudan to the north and north west, Eritrea to the north and north east, Djibouti to the east, Somalia to the east and south east and to the south lies Kenya.

Ethiopia has a variety of distinct geographical zones and contrasts, varying as much as 120 metres below sea level in the harsh salt flats of the Danakil depression, to a 4618 meter peak - Ras Dashan, the fourth highest peak in Africa, in the Simien mountains The most distinctive feature is the northern part of the Great Rift Valley, which runs through the entire length of the country in a northeast-southwest direction. In the centre of the country is a high plateau region. This rugged tableland is bordered by steep slopes on the northwest; gradual slopes lead from the centre to the Western Plains and, on the east, through Somalia to the Indian Ocean.

The lowlands are hot and arid. One semi-desert region, the Ogaden, covers the entire southeastern section of the country. In the north, the Danakil Desert reaches to the Red Sea and the coastal foothills of Eritrea. The western boundary of Ethiopia follows roughly the western escarpment of the central plateau, although in some regions the Sudan plains extend into Ethiopian territory. Ethiopia's largest lake, Lake Tana, is the source of the Blue Nile River. This river, which winds around in a great arc before merging with the White Nile in the Sudan, travels through great canyons, which reach depths of more than 4,000 ft. Several rivers in the southwestern regions also comprise a system of tributaries to the White Nile.

Addis Ababa, sometimes spelled Addis Abeba, is the capital city  and largest city of Ethiopia.  The population of Ethiopia is over 97 Million (2015),

As well as being historically and culturally rich with close to a hundred different tribes, each with its own language, Ethiopia has an astonishing array of animal and bird life, much of it unique to this wonderful country.

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