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Wildlife DVD's & Videos

Africa - The Serengeti DVD Africa - The Serengeti (Large Format)  DVD
( - USA   ( - UK
Photographed entirely on location in Kenya and Tanzania, the 40-minute film chronicles a natural phenomenon that few humans are privileged to witness in their lifetime: the annual great migration, during which over two million wildebeests, zebras, and antelope travel 500 miles across the plain to ensure their survival.
Africa's Elephant Kingdom  DVD Africa's Elephant Kingdom  DVD
( - USA   ( - UK
the story of one elephant clan's struggle for survival as it travels across vast stretches of land in search of dwindling sources of food and water. Wide and high above Africa, the camera travels over waterfalls, rivers, plains, and forests. Large groups of elephants move across the plains
National Geographic - Africa National Geographic - Africa  DVD
( - USA   ( - UK
Africa is a groundbreaking eight-hour series captured over two years of filming in 11 countries. This epic series presents Africa through the eyes of its people, conveying the diversity and beauty of the land and the compelling personal stories of the people who shape its future. Africa contains eight hours plus one-hour bonus program, "The Making of Africa
Wildlife Stories: The Whole Story - Elephants and Lions Wildlife Stories: The Whole Story - Elephants and Lions  DVD
( - USA   ( - UK
Get the whole story about the world’s most fascinating creatures in this stunning series of DVDs! Take a walk on the wild side with...Elephants & Lions.
Wildlife Stories: The Whole Story - Elephants and Lions National Geographic - Roar: Lions of the Kalahari  DVD
( - USA   ( - UK
This show was wonderful! There were lots of cool fights between males, the females did a great job hunting, the cubs were darling, and on top of it all, not one lion lost his/her life! Anybody who loves lions and big cats should see this.
National Geographic's - African Wildlife National Geographic's African Wildlife  VHS  ( - USA
Witness the realities of birth, death and survival in this vivid encounter with the animal world. AFRICAN WILDLIFE was filmed in Namibia's Etosha National Park over the course of two years, capturing extraordinary close-ups of animal behavior: a wildebeest giving birth, a zebra mother successfully defending her foal from the swift attack of a cheetah, and a young springbuck alerting his herd to the presence of a predator with stiff-legged leaps.
National Geographic's Africa's Animal Oasis National Geographic's Africa's Animal Oasis  VHS   ( - USA
Journey to the heart of Africa - Tanzania's Ngorongoro Crater. Here abundant plant life and a year-round supply of fresh water transform an extinct volcanic crater into a spectacular wildlife oasis. Discover the dazzling concentration of animals such as wildebeest, zebras, flamingoes, elephants, and rhinos who flourish from the crater's bounty. Their compact presence makes this natural amphitheater a predator's paradise, where each day brings an intense battle for survival
The Crocodile Hunter - Africa's Deadliest Snakes The Crocodile Hunter - Africa's Deadliest Snakes  VHS   ( - USA
Explore the dark continent with the Crocodile Hunter, Steve Irwin, as he uncovers Africa's deadliest snakes, rescuing a killer Egyptian Cobra tormented by herding elephants and giraffes. Then, Steve combs through rocks, gathering four deadly Carpet Vipers and a dozen scorpions. He even comes across the world's most prolific biter, the Puff Adder--before finally confronting the notorious Black Mamba. Africa is home to 400 snake species, 90 of them venomous. Now experience for yourself how clever and deadly these killers are.
The Living Edens - Etosha: Africa's Untamed Wilderness The Living Edens - Etosha: Africa's Untamed Wilderness (1998) VHS   ( - USA

During the bloom of the wet season lions, cheetahs, elephants, jackals, giraffes, spring boks and zebras continue the timeless cycle of life in glorious abundance. But at the peak of its scorching dry season, the heart of ETOSHA is a parched and blistered wasteland where drought and thirst endanger predator and prey alike. For those who survive its harshest interval, Etosha becomes, once again, a Living Eden.
Living Edens, The: Namib, Africa's Burning Shore Living Edens, The: Namib, Africa's Burning Shore  VHS   ( - USA
The searing Namibian desert and the frigid Atlantic sea meet along this 1200-mile strip of land off the southwestern coast of Africa. Here, the basic elements of the earth exist in paradoxical extremes. Namib, the hottest of lands, is obscured in mist created by the Benguela, one of the coldest of ocean currents. The inhabitants of Eden Namib have adapted superbly to this tortuous climate. Lizards swim through sand, snakes surf the sand dunes, beetles race over miles of desert. You will be surprised by many of the creatures who call this desiccated landscape home.
Young And Wild - Africa's Animal Babies Young And Wild - Africa's Animal Babies VHS      ( - UK
For a new baby animal in the wilds of Africa, surviving the first year of life is a difficult challenge. This programme documents: 'Important Stages In Animal Babies' Lives', 'The Birth Of A Wildebeest', 'Play And Skill Learning In Lions, Wild Dogs And Bat-Eared Foxes', 'The Social Life Of Baboons And Monkeys' and 'The Learning Of Survival Skills In Warthogs, Impala And Wildebeest'.
Video Expeditions - Southern Africa Safari Video Expeditions - Southern Africa Safari VHS      ( - UK
Take a journey through Africa and see a dazzling array of wildlife, explore the rock formations of the Matopos, fly over the Victoria Falls, and then shoot the white water rapids of the Zambesi River.
Our World, Their World - Vol. 3 - Africa Our World, Their World - Vol. 3 - Africa  VHS      ( - UK

Featuring the wildlife indigenous to Africa. Includes: the Giraffe, the Leopard, the Thompson Gazelle and the Springbok. Proceeds from the sale of this video will be donated to the charity 'Friends Of The Earth
In Broad Daylight - Africa's Daytime Predators In Broad Daylight - Africa's Daytime Predators VHS      ( - UK
Camped in the Selina area of Northern Botswana, the Panthera film crew spent 2 years capturing the lions, cheetahs, jackals, wild dogs and many other predators who play their trade by the light of the African sun, each competing for their share of the "prey du jour".

National Geographic's Jane Goodall: My Life With the Chimpanzees National Geographic's Jane Goodall: My Life With the Chimpanzees (1995)  VHS   ( - USA
This is a well-made documentary with excellent footage, a complementary musical score, and a well-organized narrative that gives viewers a full portrait of a woman who, in 1960, went alone into the heart of Africa at the age of 26 and remained there for decades studying chimpanzees.
National Geographic's Lions of the African Night National Geographic's Lions of the African Night  VHS   ( - USA
As night descends on the bushveld, a pride of 30 lions begins its nightly search for prey. Baboons snuggle in tree tops, big-eyed apes leap from limb to limb, and the chorus of the small creatures adds to the drama of the nocturnal hunt. Lions of the African Night will surprise you with a startling look at the behavior of lions as the pride stalks wildebeest, warthog, and zebra in the struggle to fight off hunger, their constant enemy.
National Geographic's Africa: Wilds of Madagascar National Geographic's Africa: Wilds of Madagascar VHS   ( - USA
Just off the East coast of Africa, Madagascar is an island unique in all the world. Separated from the mainland some 165 million years ago, Madagascar's flora and fauna have evolved in near isolation. Join a team of naturalists as they trek to the island's isolated Ankarana plateau to study the exotic animals of this forbidding wildlife oasis
National Geographic's Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas National Geographic's Eternal Enemies: Lions and Hyenas  VHS   ( - USA    ( - UK
This amazing account of the "real lives" of two of Africa's most formidable predators, is filmed in a unique way, which has surpassed, in my opinion, any other wildlife documentary I have ever seen. In graphic detail, with no holds barred, the video tells the story of a pride of lions that are literally at war with a clan of hyenas. The filming of the action is close-up, impressive and also offers moments of shear terror, even as a viewer sitting in your armchair. (A viewer from UK )
National Geographic's Elephant National Geographic's Elephant VHS   ( - USA
A charming, sometimes alarming, in-depth look at this magnificent animal and its precarious future. In Asia, watch man and beast work side-by-side in a land where the elephant is an object of worship and affection. In the open spaces of Africa, marvel at the behavior of wild elephants as they communicate over great distances. And finally, witness the birth of a baby elephant as it struggles to its feet for the very first time.
National Geographic's Season of the Cheetah National Geographic's Season of the Cheetah VHS   ( - USA

In Africa's Serengeti, the beginning of the rainy season marks the return of the fastest animal on land - the cheetah. For him this is a time of plenty and a season of danger. In this beautifully photographed film, National Geographic follows three cheetah brothers as they hunt for prey. Sleek and quick, the cheetahs are a formidable match for the abundant wildlife of the plains.
National Geographic's Gorilla National Geographic's Gorilla  VHS   ( - USA
an informative and engaging look at the mysterious mountain gorilla of central Africa - a species once numbering in the thousands, that has now dwindled to a precious few. Contrary to its King Kong image, the gorilla is a shy and retiring creature. Renowned scientist Dian Fossey fought to protect these gentle beasts from the destruction of poachers in the volcanic mountain of Rwanda
National Geographic's Among the Wild Chimpanzees National Geographic's Among the Wild Chimpanzees  VHS   ( - USA
In 1960 Jane Goodall set out for Tanzania's remote Gombe Stream Game Reserve to study the behavior of man's closest living relative, the chimpanzee. With dedication and perseverance she earned the trust of a wild chimp community, and gradually they revealed their individual personalities and the rich tapestry of their daily life. This film looks at two landmark decades of Jane Goodall's work, including her dramatic discovery of chimpanzees making and using tools.
National Geographic's Africa's Stolen River National Geographic's Africa's Stolen River  VHS   ( - USA
Journey to Botswana, Africa, where the Savuti Channel slowly disappears. Reputed to have been a vast lake, the channel appeared in 1957, and then mysteriously began to vanish again in 1982. Seven years in the making, it follows the gradual but unrelenting transformation of a one-time paradise into a land of struggle and competition for hippopotamuses, elephants, lions, hyenas, and countless other creatures whose very lives depend upon the plenty of the channel itself
Africa: The Serengeti Africa: The Serengeti  VHS & DVD   ( - USA  ( - UK

Almost as Good as Being There - I enjoyed this DVD immensly for several months before a friend got back from a photo safari there. When I saw his pictures, I knew he too would love the great photography, the crystal clear sound and comprehensive content of this DVD, so I gave him my copy during a visit. ( a viewer from Los Angeles, CA )
Safari to South Africa Safari to South Africa  VHS   ( - USA
Travel from the Shamwari Game Reserve, to the wine country of South Africa. The Cape of Good Hope is your jumping off point for the adventure of a lifetime. Ride the cable car up 200 million year old Table Mountain for a view you won't believe, then have a beer and fish and ships at Capetown's famous waterfront. Spend the night just minutes away at Steenberg Country House, the world's only small luxury hotel to sport not just a championship golf course but also a working vineyard that produces some of the best South African wines. Then get within a whisper of the wildlife known as Africa's Big Five as you join hippos and rhinos, lion's and elephants at play, at the spectacular Shamwari Game Reserve. Join us as we track a rhino in need of eye surgery. From the take down by the local vet to the operation in the wild, you'll see this fantastic animal so close up that you can almost feel his breath.
Serengeti Wild Africa: Ngorongoro  VHS   ( - USA
Lion's Kingdom, The - Boxed Set Lion's Kingdom, The - Boxed Set  VHS   ( - USA
Wild About Animals - Africa Wild About Animals - Africa  VHS   ( - USA
Animals of Africa Collection Set Animals of Africa Collection Set  VHS   ( - USA

Video Visits - Kenya Safari - Essence Of Africa  VHS    ( - USA    ( - UK
A tour of Kenya by safari taking in the game reserves of Aberdare, Masai Mara, Amboseli, and Samburu-Isiolo.

Video Visits - Zimbabwe Africa's Wildlife Sanctuary (1992)  VHS   ( - USA    ( - UK

Wild Africa: Ngorongoro  VHS   ( - USA

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