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try this organization - 10 years ago

just to say if you still loking for that you want try this organization hope to knwo you response. thechief ...
by thechief in: Kenya Travel Forum

Voluntering in Kenya - 10 years ago

oh yes, you can try this organization in kenya , hope you will get what you need and when you get there you do your best, thechief ...
by thechief in: Anything Africa


AFTER the recent post election violence in KENYA, i plan to travel for 20 DAYS in the Riftvalley, Naivasha, Nakuru, Eldoret and Narok to see the situation and plant a tree and deliver flowers to those working in tourism industry and were affected, i will visit camps site and the parks and community groups which stay in the areas and preach peace and make donation where possible,i plan to ...
by thechief in: Africa Travel Companions Wanted

come visit my village and environs - 12 years ago

are you still in kenya, come see my village cheaply , 214 falls, coffee farms, the beautiful countryside of the kamba people let me hear if you want to make friends in the village, karibu kenya ...
by thechief in: Africa Travel Companions Wanted
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