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Re: land in kenya - 2 years ago

4.5 acres less than 20kms from Nairobi CBD @125m Kenya shillings ideal for a housing project in a very fast growing area...
by morani in: Kenya Travel Forum

Re: 20 passenger van. - 2 years ago

do you need a new one or used. email me
by morani in: Kenya Travel Forum

Re: land for rent or sale, kenya, tanzania, zambia - 9 years ago

Give more details on what kind of land you are looking for: agricultural or commercial : location and region needed: budget ; email :
by morani in: Anything Africa

Re: Mechanic/footballer needed - 9 years ago

I live in Kenya and have an organization that use sports including football to fight drugs and alcoholism in schools and among the youth. I invite you to come and play with our teams and also pass the HIV message. email:
by morani in: Africa Travel Companions Wanted

Empowering the poor though sports and arts - 10 years ago

Our organization "Kabete Cares" solicits for assistance to support upcoming athletes: footballers : fine artists and actors. What most of the sports men lack is gear such as shoes: kits: and equipments and on arts capacity to market and tools for fine artists. We also seek assistance to help our coaches attend training . Our aim is to fight drugs and alcoholism by redirecting the energ...
by morani in: Kenya Travel Forum
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