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Tea - 5 years ago

Hello! Highly motivated business man , want to sell tea from Kenya in Botswana, Looking for a kenyan(khalengin) with good business know how. We will package the tea in botswana under the name fine roses. thank you...
by Paris in: Botswana Travel Forum

Church - 5 years ago

anyone intreste in opening a church in Botswana, all logistics r in place, Healing and deliverance ministry, will have to pass sound doctrine test...
by Paris in: Botswana Travel Forum

Friendship - 11 years ago

I am a 30 year motswana leaving in Gaborone, running my own Company.I got born again thirteen years ago,I am a devoted christain,I am a member of Church of all Nations. With Pastor Mark and Rose both from Zim .with membership of over 500.U are welcome to fellowship with us.We are a loving and caring church.We love visitors ...
by Paris in: Botswana Travel Forum

employment - 11 years ago

I am a motswana leaaving in gaborone the capital city.I have helped a friend of mine from tanzania.All you need i to apply for practise license with the ministry of health, Our government is in need of medical doctors. ...
by Paris in: Botswana Travel Forum
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