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Re: Emigrating Africa to Canada - 4 years ago

Hie there, My fiance and I are Zimbabweans,I studied in Zimbabwe-Human Resources and she studied in South Africa-Accounting.For a few years now we have been trying to relocate abroad from Canada,Australia,Uk even across africa with no luck.Usually people are not straight foward and give very little assisstance on how to emmigrate.We would reali appreciate help and advice on how to secure jobs,wo...
by Mathew M in: Mauritius Travel Forum

Re: Get out of South Africa and move to Mauritius - 4 years ago

My fiance and I would like to move to Mauritius.My fiance has an accounting degree froma University in South Africa and I have an honours degree in Human resources from Zimbabwe and a diploma in Industrial Relations..we would appreciate any help on how to apply or secure jobs there due to the economic slump in our country...
by Mathew M in: Mauritius Travel Forum

Re: relocating to Botswana - 4 years ago

I would like to relocate to Botswana,I have a Bsc Honours in Human Resource Management from Zimbabwe and my fiance has a Bachelor of accounting Science degree from South Africa.We would like to be connected to anyone who can assist us in securing jobs or any agencies that can place us for vacancies as we are not aware of how to go about the whole application process...
by Mathew M in: Botswana Travel Forum
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