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Re: Car shipping to morocco from New York - 5 years ago

Thanks a lot for the information. Do you have any kind of contact info from the freight forwarder company you've used or even somebody you realize used? Other people understands something about this make sure you. http://www.@#$%&.com/...
by trustedluxury in: Morocco Travel Forum

Re: Can we tour Botswana without guides or tour packages? - 5 years ago

For independent vacationers touring the location Botswana offers an fascinating distinction to the poverty of their north neighbors, and is free of the actual apartheid hangover that still blights South Africa. Botswana includes a long established tourism business as well as amounts of support are great, problems are low and visitor figures minimum away from the primary recreational areas, allowi...
by trustedluxury in: Botswana Travel Forum

Re: I'm An American, Yearning For Africa - 5 years ago

Excellent to listen to which. Botswana is indeed a intriguing nation, and not that, the people, the meals the elements, everything! Something is for certain, go there a person won´t regret it, you'll feel at home!! I'm a Motswana(from Botswana) as well as know what After all. Thanks []...
by trustedluxury in: Botswana Travel Forum
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