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Re: I'm An American, Yearning For Africa - 8 years ago

Great to hear that. Botswana is indeed a fascinating country, and not only that, the people, the food the weather, everything! One thing is for sure, just go there you won´t regret it, you will feel at home!! I am a Motswana(from Botswana) and know what I am talking about. Hope to hear from you! Mosadi...
by Mosadi in: Botswana Travel Forum

A Farm in the Limpopo Region - 8 years ago

Hallo people, I am a Motswana live in germany. I have a farm in the Limpopo area (10 Ha.), I have a dream of doing a tourism business and wellness, the project proposal is ongoing. I am looking for partners or investors. Who is interested? I´ll give more detailed information to serious interests!...
by Mosadi in: Botswana Travel Forum

Re: Getting Married in Botswana - 8 years ago

Please ask the British embassy in Botswana, they´ll give you all details. Why are you marrying in Botswana? or is it for fun and honeymoon? The British Embassy will definately give you information, try searching the address online. Good Luck Viel Glück!...
by Mosadi in: Botswana Travel Forum

Re: Want to open Wellness Beauty Spa in Botswana - 8 years ago

Hallo blackbeauty, I know it is a long time since you posted this message, just wanted to hear if you are still on the forum, I am very much interested in project. I aswell live in Germany and bin a Motswana. I am planning to move back to Botswana and have gained an enormous knowledge in the Beauty and Wellness section, i also possess a lot of experience in the field. Are you still interested?...
by Mosadi in: Botswana Travel Forum
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