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Premium Diapers, Second Hand Clothing Bales & Shoes from Canada - 1 year ago

Hi, We are graders & exporters of diapers/great quality second hand clothing & shoes located in Canada, and we have been in business for over 20 years. We separate the summer from the winter clothing, and remove all big sizes over XL (X-Large). Our Grade-A shoes are packed in 50lbs polypropylene bags and sorted as follows: 7 Men & Sports, 22-24 Ladies & Sandals, 10-12 Kids....
by goldenimpex in: Anything Africa

Premium Diapers, Second Hand Clothing Bales & Shoes from Montreal, Canada - 1 year ago

We are Golden Impex, graders/exporters of diapers, secondhand clothing and shoes. Our offices are located in Montreal, Canada and in High Point, North Carolina. We have been exporting our stock all over Africa, Europe and Asia for over two decades. Contact us for more information (pricing & images): goldenimpex.kari...
by goldenimpex in: Work Offered in Africa Forum
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