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Re: Zimbabwe safer that Jo'burg - 1 year ago

You don't know what you are talking about....
by Eddie in: Zimbabwe Travel Forum

Zimbabwe - 15 years ago

Eddie, yes Zimbabwe is a must to visit and the safety concern for tourists bears no relation to what the media would like us to believe. Zimbabwe is a truely beautiful country. But I cannot, in good conscience or for the sake of our sanity, agree with Eddie's assesment of the political situation.The white people comprise an ethnic minority in Zimbabwe in much the same way as, for example, Asian...
by Eddie in: Zimbabwe Travel Forum

Zimbabwe safer that Jo'burg - 16 years ago

I just returned from my trip in Zimbabwe and am shocked to hear of what the medai has been reporting about that country. I was there during the elections which i thought were not free nor fair. But violence was certainly absent everywhere i went. I spent a month in Harare, another in Bulawayo and 3weeks in Victoria Falls. The land issue thats been reported about is a serious concern that I think...
by Eddie in: Zimbabwe Travel Forum

Looking for employment anywhere in Africa - 12 years ago

LAST EDITED ON Sep-13-06 AT 06:03 AM (GMT) I am a Zimbabwean Citizen and based in Zimbabwe. I am very much willing to relocate to any part of Africa. I am an Information Technology expert with over 5 years experience in the IT field, implementation and administration and supervising IT staff. I have expertise in all fields of IT, marketing, system development, data capturing e.t.c. It has alway...
by Eddie in: Work Offered in Africa Forum

East Africa - 14 years ago

I would be very intrested in this position, i have been managing quiet a number of businesses in Europe for more than 28 yrs,but am sure this would be a very big challenge for me which i will be willing to learn and fit to the culture and country.I speak fluent english,german and my wife is trying to teach me kiswahili,but i have to work on it. ...
by Eddie in: Work Offered in Africa Forum

Cycling in S.A - 16 years ago

Well, you might have been lucky and cycled around South Africa while everybody was asleep. But I can guarantee you that don't expect muggings but expect the worst. I am from Jo'burg myself, born and raised in Soweto. So I know what I am talking about. I would have been one of those guys out there if I had not got a soccer scholarship to come to the U.S and go to University. Anyway, do as you pl...
by Eddie in: South Africa Travel Forum

Safety in S.A - 16 years ago

My advice is don't think about. Make sure its a risk your family is prepared to lose you. I am serious biking is out of the question without a police escort. You will be robbed at gun point. Don't gamble with life. Its like riding your bike through one of the worst surburbs in Chicago at night fall witha bag of money. Thats what people see in Africa when they see you. Hope you will make better pl...
by Eddie in: South Africa Travel Forum

Is Gabon safe ? - 15 years ago

I need to go to Gabon to meet a business contact. But I'd like to know how safe is the country. I live in France and I aim to stay 3 days in gabon. Given that this business contact is a prospect I need to check everything. Thanks for your help. ...
by Eddie in: Anything Africa
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