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Land 250 hectares - 1 year ago

This land measuring about 250 hectares is available for farming along a big river in Zambia for long term lease. Another 7 hectares within town is available for development. Get in touch if interested....
by Olivine in: Zambia Travel Forum

Re: Modern medical facility - 1 year ago

Greetings, I have sent you an email. I hope we can stay in contact. O....
by Olivine in: Work Offered in Africa Forum

Re: Looking for someone to assist in launching a church - 4 years ago

Hello, I have just seen your request. If you are still looking get in touch with me. We have a ministry and breaking ground in different places in Zambia. We are on the go to preach the gospel.
by Olivine in: Anything Africa

Modern medical facility - 4 years ago

I am looking for partners to establish a state of the art medical facility in Zambia. Am a medical doctor with many years of experieince. Contact me and we can chat....
by Olivine in: Work Offered in Africa Forum
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