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Re: land for rent or sale, kenya, tanzania, zambia - 7 years ago

I am involved in a project to start an orphanage in Kenya, we are looking for approx. 2 acres of land with a small house on it with water and electricity, ideally it would be in or near to a small village where development is needed. This is a charitable project so obviously costs need to be kept as low as possible. If anyone has something suitable for sale or knows where I could enquire then ple...
by Wickedsquirrel in: Anything Africa

Re: trying to set up an orphanage - 7 years ago

I am involved in a group which is looking to start an orphanage in Kenya, perhaps in a small village outside a city. We have funding and that is not an issue, but we could really do with advice on the legal side, such as registering and buying land/property. Any assistance would be very gratefully received!...
by Wickedsquirrel in: Anything Africa

Orphanage Zambia - 7 years ago

Myself and several other people would like to start a small orphanage and school in Zambia and we have several questions that need answering if anyone can help. 1. Where can we buy a property and land? 2. How much would it roughly cost? 3. What are the legal requirements for starting an orphanage/school in Zambia? 4. Which government departments/ministries do we need to contact? A...
by Wickedsquirrel in: Zambia Travel Forum
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