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Re: Looking for Logistics/Transportation Management job - 5 years ago

I own a haulage company in Uganda. Please email me your details at We have a fleet of trailers....
by royj in: Work Wanted in Africa Forum

Looking for business partners in Construction, construction tools and materials. - 5 years ago

I have a construction company that has operated for the last five years in Uganda. We have various clients ranging from industries, commercial buildings, residences, schools and a hospital. I would like to get a business partner who has interest in construction, construction materials and construction equipments. For more information please e-mail me on: mukchut&...
by royj in: Uganda Travel Forum

School is Africa - 5 years ago

Anybody wants to retire from Europe and America to start a school in Africa? Please contact me...
by royj in: Anything Africa

Pre school/entertainment centre - 6 years ago

I have a good business plan for a pre school/entertainment centre for kids in Uganda. Very profitable. I am looking for someone to fund this business and we can co own it together. contact me at
by royj in: Anything Africa

Re: American in need of housing in Kololo area - 6 years ago

I am ugandan Business lady. Please contact me at I can help...
by royj in: Uganda Travel Forum

Re: Need of Housing for Sept-Nov - 6 years ago

I am a Busines Lady in Uganda. Please contact me at for more info...
by royj in: Uganda Travel Forum

Re: Looking some serious partners for business - 6 years ago

That is cool? are you interested in Uganda? then contact me on
by royj in: Anything Africa

Re: Best places in Africa - 6 years ago

Uganda is great. for more information contact me at
by royj in: Anything Africa

Re: Orphanage - 6 years ago

Hi. I have always wanted to start an orphanage in Uganda. Though i am still waiting for the right time. However, if you are serious please contact me on and we can take it from there....
by royj in: Anything Africa

Re: Looking for Business Partners in the Car business - 6 years ago

Hi. I live in uganda and iam intersted in the business. At the moment we are majoring in trucks but would like to do much more than that. Working with you would be a very good opportunity. We have a yard already about 5 kilometers form tehc apital city kampala. The best way we can sell cars is collaborating with companies. We have lots of NGO'S, EMBASSIES, GOVERNMENT DEPARTMENTS and many rich ind...
by royj in: Work Offered in Africa Forum
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