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Confirmation of the Tour perator - 10 years ago

Dear Concern The purpose of this is to convey to you my sincere apologies for any inconvenience you may have experienced during your visit to Tanzania. i as a Tanzanian, i do appologige.. Because of this serious oversight, and as a testament to our appreciation of you as of what you have said, i would recommend, that it would be good to get information obout a particular company & make sure...
by Safaris1 in: Tanzania Travel Forum

AC ANSWER - 10 years ago

Dear AC, It has been noted, that sales personel have been the first to get worried when Economy goes South!!!! Well thank you for your interest in Tanzania. We Would start by introducing ourself to you. We are operating tour company based in Arusha Tanzania. We Sell The North, South & Most genarally all parts of Tanzania. We would reccomend at this point of juncture to first make your poin...
by Safaris1 in: Tanzania Travel Forum

TOUR AGENCY - 10 years ago

Dear Faith, Its good to here from u & we are most greatful. I would like to say that we are a touring company in Arusha and we would be interested. We deal with safaris, in the Northern, southern, and Zanzibar, We would be intrested. Kindly let us know More.. ...
by Safaris1 in: Tanzania Travel Forum

"Safari Camp Or Tour Agency" - 10 years ago

Hi, Regarding the information required, There is a lot of tour company in Arusha, but some of the company are not regestred or having tala licecnce, for me I have some experience in tourism oparations and Safari organiser, let me organise your safari please contact Africa guide Admin to Confirm the booking, Thanks, David. ...
by Safaris1 in: Tanzania Travel Forum
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