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Re: sunflower farm - 3 years ago

kindly email me details i am associated with all the oil companies in SA
by fahimzn1 in: Work Wanted in Africa Forum

Re: Transportation and Hualage Services - 3 years ago

kindly contact me for transport opportunuties...
by fahimzn1 in: Mozambique Travel Forum

waste products exporters - 3 years ago

Hi All I am importer based in durban importing waste products from sub sahara countries. i have many exporters from these countries supply me waste products as i am registered with all the mills in SA. i have all the permits to import into SA such as pet plastic,glass,aluminum ubc cans,occ scrap paper. i can offer exporters in africa quick turnaround time of their products and payments. referenc...
by fahimzn1 in: Work Offered in Africa Forum
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