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immunizations needed to visit Kenya

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We are going on a safari in Kenya in Sept. and I am getting lots of different information about what immunizations we need to get before we go. One source suggests Hep. A, tetnus, polio, and Typhoid, plus take malaria pills. Anyone that has traveled to Kenya in the last few months, can you give us the correct info??!! How far ahead do you need to get the shots or start taking the malaria pills? We have been given names of two different meds for that--Malarone and Lariam--anyone have experience with either of these? Is yellow fever shot necessary? Sure could use some current advice on the above!!! You can e-mail me as suggested by this site. Thanks!!!
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June 24, 2005 10:05AM
By aswani
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It is not a must that you be immunised especially if you are from areas that are not prone to yellow fever( which the authorities will insist on having)
But it is for your own safety and precaution that you get immumnised aganist tetenus because accidents are at times unavoidable,typhoid,yellow fever if you plan to go in areas prone to this disease and cholera
There is no way out with Malaria you have to take larium/whatever the doc prescribes .( Be careful with mephaquine( some type of medicine)it is very strong and should be taken on a full stomach)
This should be taken 4 weeks before travel and then every week 1 tab. and also the first 2 weeks when you are back at home.
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June 24, 2005 05:58PM
Anonymous User
You really need to speak to a medical professional in your area, preferably one with tropical disease experience.

Also see:

Phil J
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