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March 11, 2014 06:35AM
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Hi All,

Our family of four including a one year old and a 8 year old are relocating to Nairobi mid-May this year. I would like your help in resolving some of our concerns.

a) Security - Number one issue which I keep hearing about is security. Since we are travelling with a year old baby, is it safe to stay there? My wife doesnt plan to work for now. We are thinking of a gated commmunity. Would that make it safe and ideal place to stay?

b) Schooling - Looking for a good CBSE school for our older child. How easy it is to get admission there? Our child gets good grades but I dont want her to lose an year etc in case admissions are not possible. Oshwalt school is our first choice.

c)Medical - One of our friends there mentioned the medical facilities are "basic" and we might need to carry our own medicines from india. How true is that? We want to make sure pediatric facilities are available 24X7 for our children as it is in India.

d)Life in general - Is it worth making a move to Nairobi , as a life changing experience? How is shopping, weather and overal exposure to children.

Please help with the response.

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