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Re: Looking for a House to Rent in Nairobi

Registered: 5 years ago
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Hello All,
I am moving to Nairobi just before christmas and i am needing a good house/flat must be a 2-3 bed , i have been to Nairobi so know my way around, can anyone give me anysort of indication for rents prices, when i was there i was told from 70k to 100K plus, is this correct ?

Would appreicte some good advice.
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Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 3
the rent for a two to 3 bedroom apartment would depend on whether you wanted it furnished,or unfurnished,what part of town you would be looking to rent and also how long you'd be looking to rent it for,landlords/ladies are usually a lot more willing to bargain on the price of the rent depending on the length of tenancy. Longer leases equal lower rents.
I work as a Realtor and have a few apartments in westlands,lavington,kileleshwa,kilimani area and if your interested i could help you find what your looking for(don't worry there's no catch,i make my money solely through commission's from the landlords/land ladies)
email me at toxi254@hotmail,com and i could send you pictures of a few apartments
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