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Travelling to Cairo

Travelling to Cairo
September 03, 2007 03:11PM
By User
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Any one in Cairo

Can you please tell me, how much it will cost to rent house in Cairo per month?..I mean we are looking 2/3 bedroom Flat?...maynly 2 bedroom..I heard its cheaper in 6th of October? I never been to Cairo but I heard many names, like Naser City, Maadi,zamelek, Garden City, I heard 6th of October City is ouside Cairo & its cheaper & more Quite? is that true?....

Thank You in Advance
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Living in Cairo
September 06, 2007 06:12AM
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I would say it all depends on the purpose of your stay in Egypt.
6th of October will definitly be cheaper, i dont have the range now but i can try to look it up for you.
Zamalek, Maadi and Garden city are nice areas, specially for foreigneres, as there are many living in those areas, therefore the tolerance is very well expected. the range for a 2 bedroom appartment would vary but you could find something nice in the range of 2000-3000 egyptian pounds. ( i hope prices hasn't changed since last time i rented one)
i wouldn't advice nasr city, as it's very crowded and street harrasments may occur.
still i would say all depends on the purpose, if you're here for studies, job, it would be nice to be near, as with the horrible traffic of cairo, it could take you forever to get anywhere.
Let me know if you need any extra information
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Once again!
September 08, 2007 12:41AM
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Hello User,
First of all, sorry for being late in replying; was a tiring working-week actually...
Yea, u 're right; it's cheaper and more quiet in 6th of October city.. it's almost 20 minutes from the Giza pyramids and only 60 minutes far from the midtown.. it's a calm & beautiful city indeed.. maybe u find Cairo a bit noisy and has syome traffic-jams, but as for this city, there are not at all.. Moreover, u will like the level of gardening in it..
AS for the exact prices, I guess it will be easy to find a well-furnished flat (2/3 rooms + reception + air-conditioner) for not more than 2500 Egyptian pounds (450 USD) per month as maximum, or even less... coz this price isn't difficult to find in Cairo, but in rich districts like Zamalek, Garden City, Mohandseen, or parts of Nasr City & Maadi, still it's available in number of districts inside Cairo, which means it's handy off-course in 6th of October.. if u want me to make some phone calls and get the exact prices if u 're going to come for sure, I think I can do it...
By the way, Nasr City isn't that crowded or vulnerable to street-harrasments; my work is located there in Abbas-Alaqqad street and I can assure you that nothing similar happens there, and that's for sure.. in addition, many parts of Nasr City are more than nice-to-stay-in for foreigners

Wish you luck winking smiley

Muhammad of Egypt
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