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Re: How to go Johannesburg to Zimbawe?

How to go Johannesburg to Zimbawe?
August 21, 2016 03:21PM
Registered: 2 years ago
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Hello Everyone,
I am newbie in Africa. I from Bangladesh. I don't know how to go Johannesburg from Zimbawe.
Thank You
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Re: How to go Johannesburg to Zimbawe?
January 29, 2017 10:45AM
Registered: 1 year ago
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That's the easiest route to drive. When in Johannesburg, just find the N1 highway and drive North. You will drive through Polokwane City in Limpopo Province. Keep driving North to Luise Tritchard and through the tunnels to Mesina and you will be at Beit Bridge border of South Africa and Zimbabwe. A kilometer or so from the Zimbabwe side of the border there is a tie to your right. That goes to Harare. If you keep straight it takes you to Bulawayo. Period.
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