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Re: Seeking safari partner for safari to Kenya Porini camps during last week of July 2016

Registered: 2 years ago
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I am looking for a safari partner who can either fly out of Bangalore, India with me or meet me in Nairobi and share costs of a 5-6 night safari stay in 3 of the Porini Safari Parks.

I am a 43 year old woman but travel partner can be male or female as long as privacy is respected.

Only serious individuals need apply - time's awasting and I am searching!


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hello dee

its so sad your trip is already planned while i am in early stages of we wouldn't be able to meet up
i had always wanted to do Kenya with a travel buddy...
I am aiming for later in the year when my vacation is due

i am a Pakistani doctor working in the gulf
maybe another place...i travel often and the world is the stage...smiling smiley
hoping to hear from you

dr sat
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If you are looking for travel companions, you might try [].
You can add your trip description there and find people who would like to join you. You can also join a trip organized by someone else.
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