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Southern Africa Road Trip

Southern Africa Road Trip
May 24, 2012 01:05PM
By Krushev
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Hello People!
I'm a Zambian male who loves adventure. I have for a long time now been looking at the possibility of going on a road trip through Southern African countries From Zambia to Botswana in the South and then West into Namibia then again South to the Northern Cape province of South Africa. Head South to the Western Cape (Cape Town) the east along the Coast of the Indian Ocean to the Eastern Cape (Port Elizabeth) and further East to Kwazulu Natal (Durban) and continue going up North until Swaziland. Cross into Mozambique and enjoy the Portuguese beaches of Mozambique the exotic night life of Maputo. Proceed east into Malawi and enjoy the shores of lake Malawi. Drive West and enter Zambia from the east and drive west 500km back to the country's capital. Lusaka.
Mweemba at gmail dot com
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