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Where should we visit in Africa?

Where should we visit in Africa?
January 12, 2018 09:48AM
Registered: 11 months ago
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Hello everyone. I want to visit Africa. Can you give me some recommends? Where should we visit in Africa? Thanks.
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Re: Where should we visit in Africa?
January 12, 2018 08:59PM
By Vera
Registered: 9 years ago
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Hi There.... Africa is so vast and diverse, each country is different having its own attractions. It all depends upon what time of the year you want to visit, what your interests are, what you budget is etc..

Have a look through our country guide section : Click for Country Guide Section
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Re: Where should we visit in Africa?
January 28, 2018 07:28AM
Registered: 3 years ago
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Hie Erthards,
Im writing from Blantyre,Malawi. Our neighboring countries are Zambia,Tanzania,Mozambique. Malawi has very beautiful and indeed it is "The Warm Heart Of Africa" as it is the other name its well known by. We have LAKE MALAWI(one of the largest in Africa) where you can enjoy the sun and wonderful atmosphere on its beaches.

If you are a Mount-hiking fanatic then most definitely our MULANJE MOUNTAIN would be the place to visit. MULANJE MOUNTAIN is the third largest in AFRICA with the most unbelievable weather. For more you can Call/WhatsApp me on +265 885 892 679.
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Registered: 9 months ago
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Nice sharing about visit many places of Africa. Thanks for this informative guideline.
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