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Premium Diapers, Second Hand Clothing Bales & Shoes from Canada

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We are graders & exporters of diapers/great quality second hand clothing & shoes located in Canada, and we have been in business for over 20 years. We separate the summer from the winter clothing, and remove all big sizes over XL (X-Large).

Our Grade-A shoes are packed in 50lbs polypropylene bags and sorted as follows: 7 Men & Sports, 22-24 Ladies & Sandals, 10-12 Kids. As for the diapers, we have two categories: premium and second. The premium baby diaper bales weigh roughly 113lbs and carry 1242 pieces. The baby diapers seconds bales can contain anywhere between 8-12% of either manufacturer's defects, repairable or waste.

For prices & information, you can reach us at (514) 731-4545 or send us an email to

Have a wonderful day!
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