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Unusal places to stay

Unusal places to stay
July 08, 1999 09:32AM
Anonymous User
I have heard of a place to stay where you row out to your room. Can anyone give me more info on this or anywhere similar. Thanks.
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Row your boat...
September 05, 1999 01:34AM
Anonymous User
I spent a little time in a row house over a river once. To get to the toilet you had to walk a gangplank about 4 meters out over the water. The first time you sat down in the little wooden outhouse, one thought struck your mind, given that the tiny shack sat a half a meter above the water's surface, anyone walking near the shore was going to see *stuff* falling and hear it going *PLOP!* The second thought that occurs, "What the hell, those can't be fish swarming down there, fighting over that s- ! Damn, what are they, parranna or something! Oh, my God! I had fish this morning!" LOL
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Rowing to room
September 17, 1999 04:51AM
Anonymous User
There are many exciting places in Zimbabwe including river lodges and water wilderness lodges. Particularly relevant is the Water Wilderness Lodge on Lake Kariba where the rooms are on secure floating rafts. Big Game viewing and scenery is unbelievable. For more detail on Water Wilderness Lodge please email:
For more information on destinations and itineraries for Zimbabwe please check out our website
Francie Steel
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