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January 12, 2009 11:21AM
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I recently travelled up to Zim and flew into Harare. We had problems with missing luggage for 2 days, other foreigners had missing luggage for up to 12 days, gone with no help.
Just a tip to foreigners. Everything gets done with bribes.Nothing works straight up so dont think or expect that when you travel africa.
Its a 3rd world remember that, we eventually got our bags through a local friend who knows how they work with all there corruption and bribery.
What they do is shove your stuff in a store room, act ignorant for days until you cough up money and ask them to help you, only then do you possibly get your bags back. Our guy took no BS and just got our bags back for us.Get a local to help you because the more pissed off you get the more stupid they act with you and you get nowhere.Anyway my tip for the day take or leave it.Dont be quick to flash money, they are master negotiaters and will negotiate all day for just a few dollars.I've travelled Botswana,Malawi,Mozambique,Kenya and live in SA.
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