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Zimbabwe safety

Zimbabwe safety
May 02, 2005 07:29PM
By ciaran
Registered: 9 years ago
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I hav'nt seen a post since Mugabe was re-elected, I am travelling to Harare then Vic falls in October for a few days with my Girlfriend and I am worried about our safety. A Relative of mine (shes a nun) got a letter recently from a priest in Zimbabwe who said there was only 6 tourists in Vic falls on the Zimbabwean side last sunday week.

Any advice on safety and travel out there would be helpful. Thanks

Also, I was going to bring some cash (us dollars)for Zimbabwe is this advisible? I was told not to use credit cards.
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Travel to zim
May 19, 2005 03:14PM
By kutsaka
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 12
I own a tourism company in Vic Falls.The truth is the tourist levels have really improved esp after the Elections.Its really safe out there and credit cards are allowed but the problem is it will be expensive to use credit cards than cash in USD terms.This is so because of the difference in exchange rates between the parallel market and the gvt rate.If yu have USD cash , yu can change it on the black market using tour bus drivers than yourself becoz they will cheat you thereby getting higher rates.
Otherwise everything is going on well in the Tourism industry.there is a flight from Harare to Vic Falls everyday.
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