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Re: Looking for information about my father Stephen James Furniss

Looking for information about my father Stephen James Furniss
September 25, 2004 09:53AM
Anonymous User
I am looking for any information on my father Stephen James Furniss, he lived (and died) in Zimbabwe, he lived there after the 2nd WW and I beleive he died in 1963, all I know is that he was buried in Bulawayo, I have a number of step brothera and sisters (names unknown) any help or information would be appreciated. Thank you
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I know this is 5 odd years down the line but is this poster still abou ?. My grandfather was called Stephen Furniss and he did go to S Africa in the 60's, where he did die. He had quite a few children, sadly only one is still alive. If by chance anyone knows the author of this thread ?
It may not be the same Stephen Furniss, but worth sounding out ?

Edit, should hve said the family was in coventry uk, which was severley hit in the war !

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Hi Lulu
My name is Stephen James Furniss, I am the last surviving son,from my father also Stephen James Furniss and his marriage to my Mother in the UK, yes he went to Africa but it was earlier than the 60's, he lived and died in Zimbabwe, (Bulawayo) my e-mail address is, if by chance you see this message, I would love to hear from you...thanks, I am waiting, Steve
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