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Two of three African International trains to Zambia

Two of three African International trains to Zambia
February 04, 2004 01:18PM
Anonymous User
At the moment there are only three International passengers trains, in service on only two lines, on the entire African Continent. No more trains between Tunisia and Algeria or Algeria and Morocco since a decade ago, no more trains between Burkina Faso and Ivory Coast, no more trains between Tanzania and Kenya or any passenger trains at all to or in Uganda since some years ago, no more trains to Zimbabwe neither from Botswana, South Africa, Mozambique nor Zambia (with the exception of steam excursion trains between Victoria Falls and Livingstone), no more trains between Botswana and South Africa or even between Komatipoort in South Africa and the Mozambique capital Maputo any more and although there still are trains crossing the border between Namibia and South Africa these have no connections to South African rail services.
The last three remaining International trains in Africa are:
"Kilimanjaro Express"/"Mukuba Express" New Kapiri Moshi - Dar-es-Salaam TAZARA
"Express" Dakar - Bamako.
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