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Student trip to Zambia and Malawi
January 20, 2004 05:10AM
By sue
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I am planning to take a small(10) group of secondary students (approx age 16-17)to Malawi and Zambia. Need some useful suggestions on places to visit, not just typical tourist places on the lake. Are animals plentiful in the parks, if so which parks. I would like the students to experience village life, suggest any ways this can be achieved. Any suggestions for must see areas in Zambia greatly appreciated as well. The trip is planned to take place in June/July. What are weather conditions like at this time of the year.
Thanks Sue
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student safari
January 23, 2004 08:12PM
Anonymous User
Hi Sue-
Excellent trip ideas. July is a good season for Zambia - the weather is on the cool side but it is dry. You should try to organize some type of overland for your tour. I help a group called 'the traveling school' annually on their high school semester in Southern Africa. Please email me if you want more info.
There are a number of great places in Malawi - along the lake, etc and South Luangwa in Zambia is fabulous for game. Then drive south for a canoe safari on the lower zambezi, coming onto a memorable finish in Livingstone to see victoria falls.
my email teresa@@#$%&.com if you want to talk further email me your phone number.
otherwise, have a wonderful trip.
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here u go!!!!!
February 09, 2004 01:23AM
Anonymous User
Hummm... try Victoria falls(A MUST!!), one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, u can bungee jump, go to the boiling point, para gliding , white water rafting and loads of other stuff and livingstone a small town near the falls ..ok for accommodation, sevral small scale hotels r availabe if looking to spend money try Zambezi Sun!!!!(5 star)..trip to igombe ilede would be good(on the way to livingstone and Vic falls) as well as game parks as mentioned.. best park around would be luwangwa national park.. about 8 or so hour drive from lusaka road is bad(when i went) and a four wheeler is perferred, very expensive this game park though , soemthign like US$ 80+ in high season...depends though..animals r plentyful better than other parks..but depends on the season , you would be going in the dry , cool/cold season.. very dry with no rain, windy with dust.. temperatures range from 9C to a high of mid 20s near the afternoon nothing to prepare for very moderate temperature not all that cold and no rain too..but unfortuantely u r goign in the june/july period u wont c vicfalls in their full flow best time to c that would be around march/may , trust me i have been there and u get soaking wet.... enjoy ur trip , zambia a wonderful place , dont drive at night too much, not always safe especially for expats...
hope u found it helpful.. please feel free to contact me ... on
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