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comments of iraq war

Pending war on Iraq and need to aid the poor instead
March 08, 2003 04:48PM
Anonymous User
If you provide an e-mail address I will send you an article I wrote in early February. It has been sent to 250 locations throughout the world.
The effect has been positive as recipients forward it to others, it is published, or placed on Web sites. Also, I have been requested to speak before students and others concerned about current events.
In the past 18 years I have assisted hundreds of refugees from 27 countries.
If individuals or organizations want to read my comments about the pending attack against Iraq, they can request it directly by just indicating their e-mail number.

Terry Smith in Canada
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Registered: 9 years ago
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Send me your article so that I've a look at what you're selling!!
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comments of iraq war
December 14, 2003 09:13AM
By wanjau
Registered: 9 years ago
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let me have the article
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