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Re: Learning the Language

Learning the Language
February 13, 2009 06:54PM
Registered: 9 years ago
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I'll be going to Lusaka, Zambia in July. I was wondering if anybody could help me learn the language. Nothing big just common phrases and words.
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Re: Learning the Language
July 21, 2009 11:34AM
Registered: 9 years ago
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The official language of Zambia is English, which is used to conduct official business and is the medium of instruction in schools. The main local language, especially in Lusaka, is Nyanja. However, Bemba and Nyanja are spoken in the urban areas in addition to other indigenous languages which are commonly-spoken in Zambia. These are: Ambo, Aushi, Bisa, Chikunda, Cishinga, Cokwe, Gova, Ila, Inamwanga, Iwa, Kabende, Kaonde, Kosa, Kunda, Kwandi, Kwandu, Kwangwa, Lala, Lamba, Lenje, Leya, Lima, Liyuwa, Lozi , Luano, Lucazi, Lumbu, Lunda, Lundwe, Lungu, Luunda, Luvale, Makoma, Mambwe, Mashasha, Mashi, Mbowe, Mbukushu, Mbumi, Mbunda, Mbwela, Mukulu, Mulonga, Ndembu, Ng'umbo, Nkoya, Nsenga, Nyengo , Nyiha, Sala, Seba, Senga, Shanjo, Shila, Simaa, Soli, Subiya, Swaka, Tabwa, Tambo, Toka, Tonga, Totela, Tumbuka, Twa, Unga, Wandya and Yombe. Estimates of the total number of languages spoken in Zambia add up to 72 [11], thirteen (13) dialects are counted as languages in their own right which brings this number to 85. The process of urbanisation has had a dramatic effect on some of the indigenous languages, including the assimilation of words from other indigenous languages and English. Urban dwellers sometimes differentiate between urban and rural dialects of the same language by prefixing the rural languages with 'deep'. Most will thus speak Bemba on the Copperbelt and Northern Zambia while Nyanja is also spoken in Lusaka and Eastern Zambia. English is used in official communications and the chosen (husbands / wives) language at home if (as is now common) there is an intertribal family. Languages like Kaonde, Lunda, Luvale, and Tonga come from other country explorers.

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