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A Japanese colleague travelling to L/stone

Teach Tonga Language
December 15, 2007 05:42PM
Anonymous User
A Japanese colleague of mine will be traveling to Livingstone, Zambia to work there for some time. Is there any Tonga speaking person that would be willing and able to get my colleague started with learning the language initially through e-mail and later in person?

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Hajimemashite chougukujin desu,Livinstone no ellaine brittel kara kimashita,shigoto wa daigakusei desu kenshu kosu wa computer,dozo yoroshiku.yeah that's sound pretty cool,it's a pity no one has responded to your message,Iam glad I can help.please get in touch by using the"SEND ME AN EMAIL"and things will get moving,to the advantage I have known a few Nihonjin(Japanese people) who are mostly under JICA,I guess your colleague is aswell under JICA.please get in touch if you still need help,this also calls for other Japanese people who will be willing be my Tomodachi.
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