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In June I will be going to Lusaka for 4.5 months to conduct my research. Everything has been arranged except accommodation. Someone from Lusaka is trying to help me but so far no luck. Is it really not possible to rent a room for around 200 to 250 euro's a months? I don’t mind sharing a place with other people (preferable younger people/ students) and don’t want anything fancy. All I want is my own room. Who has some tips or ideas on how to find a place? Really appreciate any help. Thanks!
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May 26, 2005 09:37PM
By nangoma
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Esther = if you can tell me a little about yourself and where you will need to be closest to when you come to Zambia. I could organise some accomodation for you. How much are you willing to pay per month. Please let me know the details and I can then organise. I am a lady living in Livingstone the tourist capital and I can organise something but may need to get to know more details. My e-mail is
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