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Cycling in Uganda

Cycling in Uganda
December 13, 2009 11:49PM
By MWusik
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Hey Everyone,

This upcoming June I will be traveling to Uganda for roughly a month and then traveling to Tanzania for another month where I will do volunteer work and assist with community builds. While in these beautiful countries, I wish to travel by bicycle as my primary mode of transportation as it will give me the chance to really see the country and experience things.

I am trying to decide between flying in with a bike or purchasing one when I get there. Does anybody know how easy it would be to purchase a bike once arriving? Also, does anybody have a price range (so I can compare with how much it would cost to purchase one in America and fly it in). Either way, I plan to donate the bike upon departing from Africa.

As a second part of this question, is there anybody out there that has any experience cycling in Uganda that could offer any suggestions on routes, precautions, or other general opinions on traveling by bike.

Thank you all!
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