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Lets talk about Uganda here

Lets talk about Uganda here
August 14, 2009 11:00AM
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Hello Travelers, let me give you some information about Uganda. Uganda is very different now since the last time you visited in terms of security, adventure, tours and safaris.

Despite its proximity to the equator, much of Uganda feels anything but tropical, and many people are not prepared for how chilly it can be. Some of the tour is at elevations over 5,000 feet and highland days can be quite cool if there is cloud cover. One camp is at 8,000 feet and it can get quite cold here. However, when the sun shines, it can conversely get very hot. Humidity is low. Rain is possible almost anywhere but we will probably only experience it in the highland areas and even then it should not be prolonged. A lightweight sweater should be adequate for some of the cool evenings and a lightweight jacket will be useful for early mornings.

Transport in Uganda
Entebbe international airport is the main gateway to Uganda; one only has to book with the variety of airline companies that operate in the country with at least three flights to and fro. These include; British Airways, Emirates Airlines, South African Airways, Gulf Air and so many others. The road network especially on the main routes has been improved thus finding your way within Uganda is easy. To cover short distances, one can board a "matatu"(minibus) for a small fee or opt for a "bodaboda"(moped), which charges a slightly higher fee. Car hire services are also provided in the major towns and the capital city. When visiting tourist sights, a 4wd vehicle is recommended. Drivers may be an asset in case Of a breakdown. There are a number of airstrips scattered around the country and a range of charter companies to choose from which provide internal flights. To get to the islands like Ngamba Island, small engine powered boats are available for a small fee or you may contact your tour operator.

Some Top wildlife Safaris
Among the top safaris in Uganda, you could visit Queen Elizabeth National Park to see climbing lions, track chinpanzee ,a visit to Murchison falls, here you will hike to the top of the falls to see how the calm Nile forces itself through a narrow gorge through which it explodes into the falls and game drives to see predators with game like Hyenas, Leopards, elephants, hartebeests, Oribis, Uganda Kobs, to mention. There are many interesting tours and safaris that you cant afford to miss in your next trip to Uganda. With Uganda web link tour hospitality is superb, safaris proffessional,trips smooth and packages mind boggling.

Depending on your time for visit, shorter trips can also be arranged like a one day trip to Source of the Nile plus Bujagali falls, one day trip to Ngamba island to see chimpazee, a tour around Uganda's heart city, Kampala for all the time you have you can see something that will be a memory on your way back.


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Re: Lets talk about Uganda here
August 16, 2009 08:40PM
By Vera
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For more information on Uganda please click here
Uganda Country Information section

If you are looking for a holiday/safari , gorilla watching, have a browse through the itineraries in our Travel Center - there's plenty to choose from, including many budget options.

Click here for Tours & Safaris in Uganda
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Getting to the Goriillas and when to go
With only about 700 mountain gorillas left in the world, seeing them in the wild is something only a few people will ever have the chance to experience.

Where Can You See Mountain Gorillas?
About 300 mountain gorillas inhabit an extinct volcanic region called the Virunga Range along the borders of Rwanda, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in East Africa. The other 350 or so mountain gorillas inhabit a nearby area of Bwindi in Uganda, a thick rainforest.

There are two parks in Uganda, the Mgahinga Gorilla National Park and Bwindi Impenetrable National Park where you are able to go gorilla tracking.
Mgahinga is situated on the extreme southwest corner of Uganda on the slopes of the Virunga Mountains. It borders the DRC and Rwanda. The park only covers 28 square miles so it's quite small, but besides gorillas you can also see leopard, buffalo, bushbuck and golden monkeys.
Bwindi is in south-western Uganda and is home to about half of all mountain gorillas. The park covers about 200 square miles of extremely dense rainforest and is a proclaimed World Heritage site. Part of the fun of tracking gorillas here is trying to follow them through the dense foliage. You can also get to see chimpanzees as well as some spectacular bird life.

Rwanda has one park in the North of the country encompassing its share of the mountain gorilla population: the Virunga National Park or Parc National des Volcans (PNV). The park covers an area of about 46 square miles and encompasses six volcanoes. Despite the terrible genocide in the early 1990's the country is fairly stable and the park permit system is running smoothly. The PNV was where Dian Fossey set up her base and research center.

Tracking Mountain Gorillas
Getting to see gorillas is not easy, nor are you guaranteed to see them. The trek to where the gorilla groups live takes you through very dense vegetation, up steep slopes and can last several hours. Gorillas move around so they aren't all that easy to track. The gorillas you'll be meeting are habituated to humans which is why you are able to get quite close to them. Some basic rules of tracking gorillas include:
• You have to be over 15 years of age
• You can not be sick or have any infectious disease
• Only one hour is allowed with the gorillas and you have to keep a distance of at least 5 metres
• Maximum number of visitors per day is 6-12 people per group
• No flash photography is allowed
• Trekkers must be fit and well equipped, which includes warm clothing for the wet cool climate high in the mountains.
• No eating or drinking in the vicinity of the gorillas
• No touching the gorillas (although they may decide to touch you)
Gorilla Permits
You need an official permit handled by each of the national parks to see the gorillas. Usually you have to obtain these several months in advance. If you are going with a tour it will be arranged for you.
In Uganda it costs USD 500 per day per person for a gorilla permit. It is possible to make an international booking for permits using email direct with UWA but they do not accept credit cards so it gets a bit complicated.

When to Go

You can track gorillas at any time of year, although the rainy season tends to make the paths a little more difficult to navigate. The rainy seasons are March-April and October-November.
How to Get There

Most tours will include transport from either Kigali in Rwanda or Kampala in Uganda. If you want to travel independently there are some options available.

Safari Tours and Costs
Most mountain gorilla safaris will be scheduled well in advance because permits to see the gorillas are very restricted. But there are plenty of tour operators in Kampala and Kigali who offer private gorilla safaris and will have pre-booked permits available. Most tour operators will offer gorilla tours. Gorilla safaris are often combined with chimpanzee safaris in Uganda or as add-ons to the "regular' safari out on the open plains.

Imelda Nsubuga.

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Gorilla Watching Safaris
August 20, 2009 10:28AM
By Vera
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Registered: 7 years ago
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Thank you for that information, i also found an article which has detailed information about Uganda. It is called Uganda and Ugandans found at hub pages

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Re: Lets talk about Uganda here
August 02, 2010 04:10AM
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Hello,I am jin and I want to learn luganda language...Do you know any recommendable site for me to be my guide because I am planning to go in uganda maybe next year?so I must prepare for it

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