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Re: Average monthly Expenditure in Dar-Es-Salaam

Registered: 6 years ago
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Dear Friends,

I am an Indian, single & have been offered a salary of 4.5 Lakhs INR per annum. I will be posted in Dar-Es-Salaam for two & half years. I want to know about the following things of Dar-Es-Salaam :
1. What is the average monthly expenditure in Dar-Es-Salaam? Accommodation will be provided by
Company. Please explain in INR.
2. What is the average rates of vegetables in INR & eatable items in medium range hotels in INR?
3. Whether the city is safe? I have heard that Dar-Es-Salaam is not much safe. Voilance & Sexual
harassment oftentimes happen. Is it true?

Please explain even other things which are important for living over there.

Please reply as early as possible....
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Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 2
hello Abhi, Did you take the offer ? I am in same boat flying to Dar es salaam end of the month. If you took the offer and currently working in tanzania, would you mind answering the questions you will be great help since any info available on net is years old.

- thanks
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