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penpals please

penpals please
May 03, 2008 01:30AM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 1
hi i'm a 6 grader who is doing a HUGE report on tanzania .i was wondering if anyone would be my penpal so i could learn more? i live in the US and my name is audrey ( odd-gree)
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Re: pen pal
May 03, 2008 10:54AM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 4
hi audrey,

I am Mathias from Tanzania, I wanna be your pen pal. I
can also offer you a help on the report you wanna
write. How the environment is there? Send me an e-mail
for more about what kind of help you want.

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A happy to meet with you
May 11, 2008 02:36PM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 22
my name is erasto from tanzania,dar es salaam,am very well interested with you,and i want to cooperate together in penpal, for more iformation contact to me ,
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Re: penpals please
December 31, 2016 08:50AM
By Paschal
Registered: 1 year ago
Posts: 6
how are Auddrey! please contact me, hope we can be together as penpal.
hope to hear soon from you.
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