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Malaria Prophilactics for charity sale

Malaria Prophilactics for charity sale
September 20, 2003 02:10PM
Anonymous User
This year I spent 6 Months in Tanzania (Arusha) and after the first day stopped taking my malaria tablets. They are in an excellent condition (we rented a house and they remained in a cubboard all the time - no exposure to sunlite and heat. I've got both, malarone and lariam. I would donate the money to the Shinda Basic School in Arusha where I worked for four months. Make an offer.
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October 15, 2003 03:10AM
Anonymous User
What size tablets and how many?
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malarone more info
October 21, 2003 01:46PM
Anonymous User
By size you probably mean the mg's - which it doesn't say on the packet! However I can give you the following information about them:

Producer: GlaxoSmithKline

Ch.Nr. 2G435B

Use By Date: 07/2007

Quantity: 3 Boxes with 12 tablets each

As far as the pice is concerned, I thought 60% of the retailprice (which I have to find out) would be OK. Everything goes to charity. I can guarantee you, that the tablets left the room only once when we moved house, otherwise they were stored always in a cubboard with no exposure to heat, dampness or sunlight!!!
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