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Re: Interested in moving to Canada from South Africa?

Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 6
Hi all,
I will be coming to Johannesburg in 2011 to give seminars about immigrating to Canada and I am wondering if you believe there will be a lot of interest?
I will be coming from Canada and will discuss all of the different types of visas available. I work with a law firm.
I would be pleased to hear any comments about the above.
Many thanks!
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Registered: 7 years ago
Posts: 19
I work with a law firm.
Peter Fernandes
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Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 2
Good day my fiance and I are planing on moving to a new country for a fresh start on life we both are currently employed and young I would like to know more about immigrating to Canada all the pro and con I know it all looks better to move but is it really worth it could you maby assist in what is to be done in order to have this ball going
Regards juan
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