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Interchange and promote Cuban Culture there

Interchange and promote Cuban Culture there
July 14, 2004 10:25PM
Anonymous User

I would like to visit Namibia for a job and promote and interchange Cuban music and dance there.I know a lot African people love our song.We need sponsor,becuse we dont have money to get there.

Cuban people love a lot Namibia people

Best regard


you can cont with us
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Ay Caramba! Salsa!!!!!!
February 01, 2005 01:53PM
Anonymous User
Hola Karina!!
Como esta usted?
Arriba Arriba muchachas!!
el Sol de Namibia mui mui fuerte!!
Asta la vista!
Big Boy Freddy "Mugu" Majola.
"Mugu" by name but NOT "Mugu" by nature!
(el Gordo).XX
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