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Re: birth certificate needed from mozambique

Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 1
Hi, is there someone who can help me obtain my birth certificate from Xai Xai Mozambique and have it certified at Portuguese consulate in Maputo for me? Do you know of anyone who offers this service or maybe an agency that can help me? I have my original certificate and certificate number but need a recent certified copy for portuguese consulate in Johannesburg.


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Registered: 3 years ago
Posts: 1
Guys I want a copy of my birth certificate, I was born In Espungabera. Can anyone help me? What must I do?
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Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 108
email this birth cert consultant he do help my client to have thier owns
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Registered: 7 months ago
Posts: 2
I was born in Lourenco Marques in 1970, need an unabridged birth certificate urgently, can anyone help me please? I have two certificates one dated 9 November 1970 and another dated 3 March 1995, but nether is excepted by the Portuguese consulate.

Does anyone know if a courier that does this or someone who is willing to do this?
Thank you.
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