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Re: Transportation and Hualage Services

Transportation and Hualage Services
August 31, 2011 03:05PM
By welile
Registered: 7 years ago
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We are a logistic and transportation haulage service provider, with a trucking fleet of over 50 trucks. Our key focus is in transporting mineral commodities across Southern Africa. We are seeking long-term contractual opportunities with anyone with a contract that requires plus 10 trucks per day. Please let us know of how we can be of service to you....
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Registered: 6 years ago
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If anyone is interested in buying used trucks, do let me know. I have the trucks in good condition in a reasonable price.

SKYPE: sbt.hassaan9434


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Registered: 6 years ago
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Dear Sir/Madam,

My name is Ashley Dale-Jones and I work for a vehicle tracking company from the uk and we are expanding into southern Africa. I have noticed here in Mozambique the only company of any note is Cartrack and they are incredibly expensive. Please email me on and I will gladly give more details regarding different features and prices that will save you money.

Look forward to gearing from you,


Ashley Dale-Jones
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Registered: 4 years ago
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clearing agent, custom clearing, logistic, freight forwarder

My company Gal Despachos Aduaneiros has already establish itself with offices in Maputo and Pemba. If you are considering entering this market know that we can assist you with imports into Mozambique. We really would like the opportunity to show you how good is our services in helping you quickly clear customs. We speak English, Portuguese, French, German and Polish. We believe in providing you a complete solution that caters to your needs.

Please find information about our company for your review. GAL — Despachos Aduaneiros Lda., is an enterprise dedicated to clearing goods which have been:

+ Imported;
+ Exported;
+ Temporary Imported;
+ Temporary Exported;
+ In Transit;

The comparative advantage we offer is in the high quality of services we provide along with our competitive pricing. The focal point is customer satisfaction. We work with small business owners all the way up to mega corporations. Some of the companies we do work for are GSI Siesmic, Vale, Mitchell Drilling, Halliburton, ENRC, Buzi Hydrocarbons(exclusive), ENH Logistics(exclusive), MDM Madeiras, CLIN(Nacala Initiative), Hireall, Red Sea Housing Services(exclusive), Blue Zone Mocambique(exclusive), Tupperware, etc. We are always focusing on more efficient methods for completing our job. We handle all schemes of duty & IVA exemptions. We handle from 30 to 70 exemptions per month. Our main office is located in Maputo with a branch office in Pemba. Coming in later half of 2014 is a branch office at Ressano Garcia border/Km 4. We also have our own agent in Beira. A total of 12 employees fully dedicated to all your clearing needs. We have been licensed since 2007. Some of our employees have been clearing goods for over 10 years.

Main Office

Gal Despachos Aduaneiros
Rua Robati Carlos #83, 2 Andar #6
Maputo, Mozambique

Tel: +258 21 30 18 73
Tel: +258 84 77 25 893


Branch Office

Gal Despachos Aduaneiros
Rua Primeiro de Maio #968
Bairro Cimento
Pemba, Mozambique

Tel: +258 86 06 53 782
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Registered: 3 years ago
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kindly contact me for transport opportunuties
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