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Surfing in Mozambique

Posted by Anonymous User 
Anonymous User
Surfing in Mozambique
October 02, 2002 07:46PM
Hi. I'm heading to work in parts of Southern Africa next year and have always dreamed of travelling to Mozambique. I may only have a few weeks initially and would head for the coast. Does anyone have a good idea of good places to stay on the coast? Does anyone know of any good surf spots?
surfing in Mozambique
October 29, 2002 09:56AM
I recommend you to go to the resort town of Vilanculos - about 700 kilos from Maputo. From there you can either decide to stay in the resort townor move over to the islands of Benguela, Bazaruto which are a few hours on a speed boat and a few minutes by a chartered plane from one ofthe lodges. Good place go for it. You will like it
Anonymous User
wanna travel with me?
December 10, 2002 05:42PM
Hi Will,
when exactly are u travelling? Im still looking for a hiking, surfing friend to travel with!!
Unfortunately I cant give u any hints concerning Mozambique, but Im also trying to get some infos.
What about stormsrider guide if nothing else helps?
I will be in Africa from 20.feb till 1.may and will definately spend lots of time in CT, but I would also love to do trekking tours through Mozambique and go surfing there.
My nickname which they gave me in CT last year Was "Amazone woman"-
Looking forward to hearing from you.
In Mozambique mid May
April 10, 2003 02:34PM
Hi Michaela,

A friend and I will be travelling to Mozambique for a three week surf trip in mid May, coming from Hong Kong - if you're still around then let us know.


Anonymous User
surfin the mozy
November 06, 2003 05:58PM
Dear peoples,
My name is Danny D, I am movin to Mozambique hopefully for a good while. Any surfers out there care to chill drop me a line.

Dandy ass....
Anonymous User
July 12, 2004 02:33PM
hey dan i saw your ad and thought id write, im going to be there around apr maybe i dunno when best for waves??? and where?? thanks mate.
September 15, 2004 11:16AM

Did anyone get any replies about where to go and what the conditions are like? I'm heading over in about March 04, not even sure where to start or what borads to take...
Anonymous User
Got the info
December 09, 2004 10:39PM
I have been to mosembique up to vinculos if you want info on anything between maputo and there(including the islands, what to do etc) then email me. I also took up surfing in south africa and know some places to surf in Mosembique.
Anonymous User
Mozambique encounter
January 10, 2005 03:22PM
Greetings Michaela,

Visiting a grand friend from S.A, Durban in early March until mid february. Met him in Newquay, England several years past - after a few days working in the Wildlife Rehabilitation centre nr Swaziland and having my bellyfull of 'boardie' session waves at Durban - hope to explore Mozambique sand bars and score some uncrowed points - so if you're around you should hook up with us guys in Durban before we embark.....
Anonymous User
February 08, 2005 05:03PM
hey mate just read your post, im going to be heading up to mozambique at the end of april im going to be driving hopefully if my car isnt dead by then. could you plz share some info on good spots and conditions and where to camp and if i can help you in any way plz ask.

thanks ben
Surf report: Inhaca
April 17, 2005 12:59PM

I was wondering if anybody could give me some surfing info on inhaca since i am going there at the end of april. If possible please.

Surfing Spots
July 13, 2005 07:26AM
Hey i was wondering if anyone was able to suggest any good surfing spots. And more importantly how is the surf what sort of size ect.

Do you need to take a wet suit and also what size board would be good
Surfing in Mozambique
July 15, 2005 09:16AM
Mozambique is not considered as surfing paradise but htere are some good waves at Tofu in Inhambane
surf spots moz.
July 31, 2005 10:57AM
hey guys,

i spent a few months surfing in madagascar recently and wanna try mozambique now. has anybody some REAL info about surfspot???

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