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Re: How can I help

How can I help
February 02, 2008 11:31AM
By Elder
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 1
I have noticed that many of you are interested in making investments in Mozambique. I have myself been for 3 years in Mozambique and I am currently building a small lodge in Northern Mozambique on Ibo Island.

I am keen on helping serious investors in this area of Mozambique. Having been through the whole process myself and speaking fluently Portuguese I could help you here by acting as your representant here. Alhtough this a payable service I am not interested in making lots of money. Developping the area through Tourism is my objective.

If you are interested please feel free in contacting me for further details and getting to know who I am.

Mozambique is a beautiful country with a very gentil population. You can help them just by helping yourself into a good invesment.
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Safari Operator in Mozambique
August 22, 2008 04:02PM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 4
Does any one know how I can acquire a safari guides license or how I can operate safaris in Mozambique. I was a guide in Botswana and Zimbabwe. Also I would be interestd in running a lodge in Mozambique or buy land
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August 26, 2008 09:46AM
By coustet
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 1
Hi Elder
I am French but lived in Brazil for 5 years with my family and got a beach house there (Bahia).
I am interested in investing in Mozambique on a beach property which I could rent for tourists as well as using from time to time with my family.
It would have to be a good beach location with fairly convenient access and some safe village/little town life around. I have heard a lot of silly things about Mozambique which I am sure are mostly untrue.
What do you think? Is it still an affordable prospect ?
I would apreciate to get to know more about you and your experience in the country as a tourism developer.
Best regards
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beach property
December 09, 2008 03:11PM
Registered: 9 years ago
Posts: 3
Hi Olivier

Eu tenho 1 propriedade na praia com 10 ha, a 10 Km da cidade.

Contacte-me para mais pormenores.


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Re: How can I help
December 02, 2011 08:55AM
By ati80
Registered: 8 years ago
Posts: 5

I will be coming to MOZ early next year and I am interested in investing in a Beach Bar (existing infrastructure would be perfect, but it's not a must...). Please if you have some contacts that would like to rent out nice beach land (maybe about half an acre) and/or a beach bar, mail me under and I would be happy to get to know you when I am there....

Many thanks,
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