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Re: Marride with Moroccan guy

Marride with Moroccan guy
October 22, 2015 08:19PM
Registered: 3 years ago
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Hi All,
I am Lithuanian girl who live in UK more then 6 years. Met my fiancé February 2015. I keep visiting him in Morocco, we are planning to get married and live in UK. But we are lost, we don't know what do and where to start. We was reading A lot of information but still we can't figure it out what to start with .. Is better to get married in Morocco first .. Or shall we apply for marriage visa to UK .
Thank you in advance
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Re: Marride with Moroccan guy
November 15, 2015 09:22AM
Registered: 3 years ago
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I would sponsor him to the UK if you can. It is a marriage visa. But after this you can apply for settlement.

The morrocan route is longer as more documentation but doable. Then you can just apply for settlement visa which is better as he can work straight away in UK.

First way is costly as you pay for two applications.

I am planning to marry a morrocan girl soon Inshallah but I am waiting for my divorce cert. Lol. After which I will apply online to sponsor her.

There is a premium service with the visa centre in Rabat so you can have a decision within few days. Otherwise it can take 8 weeks.
Costs extra. £1049.00 Then the english A1 test at british consulate is £150.00 as he will need if he does not have a degree in english.

Any questions I can try to assist.


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Re: Marride with Moroccan guy
January 19, 2016 11:45PM
Registered: 6 years ago
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Labas vakaras,

I'm a Moroccan man and my wife is Lithuanian (but she was living in LT not in UK).
It is much easier to get married in Morocco, then register your marriage in UK. It is less expensive (regarding fees) + your husband-to-be will have more chances getting a visa to live with you in UK if you're planning to settle there.
No need to remind you of Moroccans who get married to foreigners just to get a way out of Morocco (no disrespect, I just heard of a lot of bad stories like these, and being a Moroccan man, it makes me very sorry, because I know that when Lithuanian women love, their love is real!! LOL)
Look for "Marokieciu zmonos" on facebook, women there will be very helpful. Also "Lithuanian-Moroccan marriage" is a little group I'm running where there are a few useful links.
Find out a list of documents to provide for a permission for a mixed marriage in Morocco here
There is also another post in this section about the same issue, read what I wrote there as well.

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