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Re: Any business opportunies in Morocco ?

Any business opportunies in Morocco ?
June 25, 2012 09:48PM
By woody
Registered: 6 years ago
Posts: 1

I am a British born entrepreneur looking for a business opportunity in Morocco.

My current business experience in the UK consist's of residential/commercial property Sales, Refurbishment, Lease Options and Management, together with the supply of customised high end vehicles.

I am now looking to spend the majority of my time in Morocco with effect of this year (2012) and I would therefore, be pleased if anyone could offer me any constructive suggestions in relation to a business which I could start in the country.

Is there a requirement for a particular product or service in Morocco that you may be aware of ? Do you have an idea for a business where you would consider a joint partnership ?

I would welcome any serious suggestions.

Kind Regards
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Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 14
Hello all,
I am Indian and i want to start my business in Morocco.Please tell me which business is best in Morocco.I need some help.
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Re: Any business opportunies in Morocco ?
November 22, 2012 09:24PM
By aderu
Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 1

I have some business proposals such as investing in properties which will give you around 10% r.o.i ,
do let me know if youre interested
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Re: Any business opportunies in Morocco ?
December 15, 2015 01:11AM
By mmakbar
Registered: 2 years ago
Posts: 1
I, Mohammed Akbar, Managing Director of Peace Educational Foundation, am an Indian, runs 13 schools at various places in India is interested in investing some amount in Morocco. I saw your response in Africa Guide. I want to know what are the schemes of investment there and how to get visa for the investors there and the status of the investors according to the Moroccan law.

My telephone number with whats up hee is +919895707777
Email id is
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Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 1
business in Morocco is not easy and not hard if you understand how moroccan thinkm it is so different culturem and they are many opportunitiesm and the big one is investing in properties and tourism.

Real esate agency in morocco
[URL="[url]"[/url];]Real estate Morocco[/URL]
[URL="["];]Homestays Morocco, Travel and Tourism[/URL]
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Registered: 5 years ago
Posts: 3
Dear sir,

we are a new independant travel agency, and we seek for new networks that allow us to improve our career in Marrakech. our services focus in making excursions around the most attractive parts of morocco, we get cars and minibus, that are available for that services, moreover we focus on renting the guest houses for the clients either who want to stay in one of those, or who want to turn on his own business. for now we have some lands and houses in the desert and the oasis, and we would like to transfor them as guest houses and making bivoucs, for that reason we looking for some partners that can help us to realize that dream, chiefly that there is actually a wave of english invertisements in morocco duo to its peace.
we hope to hear from you soon, sir about your replay
and this is our contact in case that you are interest about our project:

best regads
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Re: Any business opportunies in Morocco ?
December 06, 2013 03:24PM
By azizddf
Registered: 4 years ago
Posts: 2
Dear Sir

we have a property business opportunity its two Lands of a very good size one is of 9700 square meters and the seconf one is 100 hectare for sale in the growing subdivision of Tiznit ,Morocco located in Fog Irgi ( Road of Ifni ). Main Road is less than a mile from the property line. Excellent opportunity for prime property investment ( for Social housing project )in the region of Agadir.With the continous growth, this property will go up in value quickly, so make it yours now! Please contact me at :
Skype : aziz-ddf
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Registered: 7 months ago
Posts: 1
You can find any business opportunity on job sites, I was also searching for auto transport business opportunity in African Countries
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Registered: 3 months ago
Posts: 1
Hi I am an I Indian citizen I am looking for business opportunities in Morocco I can bring good quality Indian saree and leather bags, jacket and apparels
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